Eagle Valley Brush and Palette

EagleValley Brush and Palette

In the 1970's the"Eagle Valley Arts & Crafts Association" held its weekly gatherings in Sicamous at the Old Fire Hall on Finlayson Street, until insufficient space and blowing fuses led them to separate. In 1980 the "painters" formed the "Eagle Valley Brush and Palette Club", which continued to meet in the Old Fire Hall until it was condemned as a fire hazard. We held an annual Christmas "wine and cheese" display/show which was always well attended. The BC Provincial Art Council allocates annual


 grants to the "Arts" (per capita of area population) and Sicamous came under the Salmon Arm region. We felt we were not getting our fair share; so headed up by our Brush and Palette club President, Betty Tehonchuk, we set out forming our own local Arts Council. To do this we needed at least five groups  operating under one umbrella. Betty worked tirelessly to this end and in the early 1980's, the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette Club was joined by the local craft, drama, dance, music and 

photography groups to form the "Eagle Valley Arts Council. - President, Jean Gore; Secretary, Joyce Balestra, and treasurer, Denyse Widdifield. When the Old Firehall was condemned we met for a short time in the basement of the Waterworks (later Municipal) District office on Riverside Avenue, before moving into the Red Barn for our regular Friday gatherings. The Red Barn on Riverside Avenue was built in 1926, and over the years operated as the Legion, Community Hall, Church, School, Market

and a Bingo Hall. It was declared a "Hertitage Site" and with the aid of a Provincial Government grant, was purchased by the Eagle Valley Arts Council which continues to operate it as an "Arts Centre". It is presently called the Red Barn Arts Centre".


by Joyce Balestra

Executive of Eagle Valley Brush & Palette Club 2017/18

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President - Terry Sinton

Vice President - Connie Pike
Secretary/Treasurer -
Rose Wadsworth
Programme Co-ordinator -
Betty Hill
Culinary Creators -
Rlita Lahaie, Amy Boutwell, Carol Southgate